Guinness gong world record and grand gong bath – gonging for humanity

Being part of the Guinness gong world record was incredibly special.  What other community could amass 194 people from around the world in one location?


And not just people: we bought our gongs and gong stand, mallets, cushions, other instruments and flags with us form all corners of the globe!

The gong world record attempt took place on August 25th and 26th 2018 in the Apex room at Olympia in London.  It was the idea of Bob Horwell and he spent much time liaising with Guinness to work out how it could be done.  Sarah Waite Aidan McIntyre and Don Conreaux helped with the organisation.

Bob needed to gather together at least 150 people for Guinness to consider the record, so the shout out went out on Facebook to see who was interested and who could commit to coming to London.  The numbers gradually went up with a sudden surge in the final weeks to bring us up to over 200.  In the event we had a few no shows, how on earth could they have found something better to do on that weekend?



After everybody had got their gongs into the room and set them up we sat in a circle and Sarah called out the countries people had travelled from and we all applauded and cheered for the worldwide global gong community that had come together as they waved at us.  I’ve forgotten them all but people had come from Australia, Hong Kong, India, Argentina, Brazil, Egypt, South Africa, Iceland….. the list went on and on with the UK acknowledged last!

The rules from Guinness seemed pretty strict and most of the weekend was spent learning a six minute score of synchronised gong strokes.

There were strict rules for the record attempt, we all had to leave the room and be signed in, we had numbers allocated to ourselves and our gongs and the room was a buzz with stewards and adjudicators scrutinising our every coordinated gong stroke!  Nobody wanted to be disqualified from the world record! Before the record attempt you could hear a pin drop as the whole ensemble came together in concentration. This was probably the only time there was silence in the room of approximately 200 gongs.

In the evenings we held grand gong baths for up to 70 attendees who lay down in the middle of the room in a mandala shape and were immersed in gong sounds, and the loving intention of 194 gong practitioners.  You can see a video of the grand gong bath below, thanks to Ladrhyn Bexx  for sharing this.  There is a long version and a short version.

Ladrhyn also captured the whole vibe of the weekend on film where you can see us doing Don Conreaux’s Universal Greeting

You can watch that video on Youtube here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-12 at 11.52.25.png

Here we all are in London but what perhaps was more amazing is that we were joined around the world by the global gong community gonging at the same time.  There were many gongers around the world that wanted to be involved but could not get to London so they all synchronised with Greenwich Meantime and played around the world with us. So as one global gong community we were able to send the vibration, sound, resonance, love and intention around the world gonging for world peace.


Yay we did it!

What’s next?  We’ve started something big now, we are one big community of gong players wanting to send out more gong love around the world. We are all united in gonging for humanity.  I think synchronising around the world to play at the same time and send the heartwarming good vibrations resonating around the globe will be coming soon…..

….. in the meantime you can come to our gong bath much closer to home, check our dates on our events page.

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