From the Harp was Two Years Old on 8th March 2019! I took the harps out in Southsea to celebrate:

4528 harp interactions
371 hours of harp therapy
540 gong interactions
42 hours of gonging
4 people have brought a harp after a From the Harp experience
? people have brought a gong after experiencing gong with From the Harp



From the Harp was a year old on 8th March 2018.  In the first year From the Harp has had 1009 harp interactions with a range of clients, including people living with dementia, mental health, brain injury, learning disabilities and physical health difficulties.  100% of clients said they would book from the harp again and harp therapy has been shown to increase mood, happiness and communication.

To celebrate I took the harps out for a drink.

one today 2.jpg