From the Harp is based in Portsmouth, Hampshire and operates in the city and surrounding areas on the south coast of the UK.

Care Homes

Bluebell Care Home


Group sessions of harp therapy using up to six therapy harps, handbells, and percussion in the lounge.  Sessions focus on allowing residents to engage in community music making in whatever way they want to at the time.  This can be playing a harp, singing, observing, tapping or swaying.

Individual harp therapy sessions in residents rooms who are unable to get to the lounge.  Residents are able to play a lightweight harp in bed, sing, or ‘la la la la’ along, observe and reminisce about songs and music.

Harp playing can involve familiar songs and improvising depending on what the resident could benefit from at that time.

Harp playing for residents in the lounge and in rooms.  Themed music sessions moving around the lounge to engage residents in the music, reminiscence and cognitive stimulation.  Playing relaxing and soothing harp music for individuals in their rooms.  Studies have shown live harp music helps to reduce anxiety and pain and stabilise heart and breathing rates.

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Hartford Court care home for residential and dementia care.  Interactive group session with harps and bells.  Person centred session enabling residents to play harps on the tables.  Residents were able to play freely and creatively and play along to familiar tunes that Alice played on a harp.

Home of Comfort Nursing Home

Home of Comfort Nursing Home, Interactive group session improvising and playing familiar tunes.  Playing and singing with residents.  Adapting approach to engage people by lying the harps on tables.

St Ronans nursing and Residential Care Home

Interactive session playing harps with residents, playing familiar tunes with singing and percussion.  Meeting requests for favourite songs to sing, plenty of singing along and laughter.



Annual lecture to second year occupational therapy students as part of their ‘Design for occupational’ module focussing on (re)design and adaptation to facilitate enablement in meaningful activity to benefit health and well being.  Harp therapy was discussed, and analysed in an interactive session focussing on  the therapeutic application of design of therapy harps and  their potential impact on occupational performance and psychological wellbeing.

Everton Ladies Evening Group (LEGS)

Harp therapy talk and demonstration, with an interactive session for group members to try playing a therapy harp themselves.


Welcome to the Enable Ability website

Harp session for PALS (Partnership for Active Leisure Scheme).  PALS provides activities and social opportunities for young people aged 6 – 16 with physical and / or mild – moderate learning disabilities.  Group harp session incorporating improvisation, creativity, games and familiar tunes.  The young people played the harps sitting and on the floor.

Royal Albert Day Centre

Large group sessions incorporating harps, bells and singing.  All group members played harps if they wanted to, and others played hand bells and sang along to some old favourites.  Lots of laughter and smiles, and the opportunity to try something new later in life.


Heartspace is a community group for adults of all age, offering creative activities to facilitate self-expression and to maintain & promote good mental health for everyone!

Interactive group session allowing all members to get their hands on harps if they want to.  Group includes learning the basics, trying out different sounds and playing together in a group.  No experience is needed to play the harp as everybody can make a lovely sound on the harp.  Seven light weight harps are used and a range of percussion instruments that sound good with harps.  Group members are welcome to play a harp or percussion, observe, tap, sway, sing or dance, however they want to engage with therapeutic harp music.

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Sound therapy sessions with a range of percussion instruments, gongs, drums, singing bowls and harps.  No prior musical experience was needed.  The majority of the sessions were interactive including soundscapes, and rhythm circles, and one session was a relaxing sound bath.

The interactive sessions enabled clients to express yourselves with rhythm using games and improvisation and explore soundscapes: creating art through sound,  which was great fun and a different way to communicate and express emotion.  These sessions aimed to boost the immune system, improve mood, reduce stress and boost self esteem.

The sound bath using gongs and singing bowls facilitates a deep state of relaxation which helps improve health and well being and can lead to stress reduction and a meditative state.

Interactive group session for people living with dementia and their carers.  Improvising on harps, opportunity for people with musical experience to play solos and a group rendition of Free Jacques to finish.  Great for socialising and engagement, lot of smiles and laughter.

Age Concern  at Cowplain

Large group session using harps, bells and percussion.  The group played improvisations, and familiar tunes and finished up with Frere Jacques.  Alice played the harp and the group sang to old favourites during tea break.  Interactive and engaging, “left the group buzzing”.

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Group for people with brain injury, improvising and playing familiar tunes on harps, bells and percussion.  An interactive session making music and having fun while exploring different instruments.


Harp therapy sessions for the ‘Home School group’ at the Square Pegs Charity Creativity and Wellbeing Centre for children from 4 – 12 years old.  Harps, handbells, boomwhackers, drums and percussion are used in sessions.  Sessions focus on play, social participation, education and communication, and build on social – emotional, communication, cognitive, and sensorimotor skills.  Participants are encouraged to experiment with different instruments, to develop musical and  listening skills by playing familiar music and improvising.