The Conch Shell horn / trumpets

Trumpets made from shells of large snails!  We hope no snails were harmed in the making of these trumpets, but rest assured they have found a good home with From the Harp where they are treasured and considered a gift from the ocean.  Conch shell trumpets are played in the Pacific Islands, South America and Southern Asia and Southsea! You may remember them from the Lord of the Flies or  Quetzalcoatl the Mexican god of wind and learnings trumpet.


The Shruti Box

The shruti box works on a system of bellows and produces a drone sound.  It’s hand pumped and is a beautiful wood. It is predominantly used in Indian classical music, but it’s popularity is growing in the west.  As a term, the Sanskrit word is commonly understood to mean “the smallest interval of pitch that the human ear can detect.”


Himalayan Singing Bowls

The Singing Bowls  originated in the Himalayan region over 4000 years ago.  Each singing bowl has its own colour, shape and personality.  They have a fundamental tone with several harmonics. The harmonic rich sound signature of the signing bowls is warm and comforting like a sonic cuddle and they can be deeply relaxing and gentle.

bowls on beach.JPG

The Koshi Chimes

Handmade in the Pyrenees by meticulous craftsmen.  Eight chords resonate with clear tones and rich overtones and form a lovely tone range leaving you in quiet wonder!


The Crystal Bowls

The crystal bowls are a newer addition to the sound therapy ‘toolkit’, and probably have been used for the last 20 years or so. The frosted crystal bowls are made from 99% quartz sand which is mined from seams occurring naturally in the earth.  These bowls are precision made, making them less likely to produce harmonics, they have a clear pure sound and are a lovely contrast to the singing bowls.

IMG_0650The percussion!

Plenty of it! No community musicians tool kit is complete without these guys for games, rhythm, soundscapes and improvisation, boomwhackers, bells, drums, shakers, guiros, glockenspiels, cabasas, soundshapes and more!