FtH Little Harp Circle

“The woods would be very quiet if only the birds with good voices sang”
Walt Whitman

Are you drawn to the harp?  Always wanted to play?  Need a focus in lockdown? Want to play but not spend hours learning?

Learn by ear, play by heart, make the harp your practice, let the music be your medicine.

Enjoy three teachers, Alice, yourself and the FtH harp circle community members.

Learning will focus on listening and playing mindfully, no musical experience needed.

Learn to play freely for your pleasure and wellbeing.

This is not a course to learn music theory or harp technique, it is a place to create and be free with an instrument.  A small instrument that you can play anywhere lying in bed or out in nature.

What do you get?

Monthly session giving a playing idea / pattern (pre recorded video) for you to do in your own time.

Monthly harp circle live online going over the session idea, with Q&A and playing for each other.

WhatsApp support group.


Pay what you can / payment in kind / Paypal donation / virtual tip jar with this link: paypal.me/PayFromTheHarp

Contact Alice to find out more

When can you start?

You can join the FtH Little Harp Circle at any time. Find the Youtube videos here.

Contact Alice to join the WhatsApp support group, attend community Zooms meetings and get emails when new videos become available.

Need a Harp?

If you want to buy a small harp try a google search or check these sites :


Derwent Harps

Hands on Harp

Troubadour Harps

Learner Harps

Zingende Snaar


Harpsicle Harps

Waring Harps

New Zealand

Harpitree Harps

Other shops are available, and check out hire options too. If you have recommendations for the rest of the world please let me know.