Gong testimonials

Community Gong Baths


“Very relaxing and calming.  My head feels clearer and lighter.  Alice is a very reassuring supportive facilitator. ” Louisa

“I came to this expecting to be interested but not more.  However, it was so deeply relaxing and gave me a sense of calm that I was not expecting.”  Bethan

“I had no idea what to expect and thought, “why not?”  It was like having the best kind of nap.  The sounds felt like a story you were being told, gently and invisibly.  A lovely experience.”  Keith

“I found it really relaxing.  Loved the sounds, saw colours.  I think I fell asleep but I’m not sure, I definitely felt floating.” Irene

“I felt like being immersed in cinematic soundscape created just for you.  Quite a dream like state.  Somehow feel more relaxed, less tension more open after though not sure why!”  Emma

“I think the use of instruments and the sounds they made was excellent as I found it hard to associate the sound created with the instrument.” Alex

“Feeling of calm, relaxation and switching off….. using the sounds to escape from wandering thoughts and every day worries.  Bringing feelings of reminiscing, walking in mountains, being on a beach being in favourite places.  Feelings of flying, “letting go” and the sounds evoked memories.”  Fiona

“Amazing – resonant.  A truly physical experience.  I’ll be back.  Thank you, a great way to celebrate a birthday”

” I found the energy with came in the beginning very stimulating, and then bringing peace through my body.  A lovely experience”

Health gong Baths


Gong – Learning Disabilites

“Staff and the residents enjoyed listening to the gong bath. A lot of positive responses from the people that we support. They enjoyed the different sound waves and noises that cam from the variety of instruments.”

Staff member gong bath in a learning disabilities home.

“Really enjoyed the variety of instrument the individual moments. Some really engaging and soft sections mixed well. Loved seeing my sister sway and move to the music, and another resident listening carefully and responding with smiles and nodding.”

Sister of resident in learning disabilities home.

“They all enjoyed being approached by the instruments – thank you and auditory treat for all, us included.”

Sister of resident in learning disabilities home.

Gong – Stroke Club

“Really stunning experience for all the members – quite a new event for us. Very enjoyable and relaxing. Obviously stimulating from the responses of group members.”

Gill Stroke club organiser

“Very relaxing time, closed my eyes and drifted away with the sound of the wind and rain, and thunderstorms feels like you are among the hills and valleys. Thank you”

Stroke club membership

“Thank you it has been an amazing experience – deepy relaxing and very enjoyable.”

Stroke club member

“A great demonstration, sounds you take for granted but beurigul when relaxed to listen, never seen it before, we loved it!”

Stroke club member

“Very relaxing I could feel the sound right through my body, Thank you”

Stroke club member

“An amazing feeling of well being. It was wonderful. Come again anytime for longer is possible. Just wonderful.”

Stroke club member

“A wonderful, immersive, calming experience that completely rebalanced our day. Thank you so much”.

“Many thanks for coming yesterday and all the hard work you did to bring all your instruments with you. I really appreciate the effort that takes. The sheer quantity and variety surprised some members when they arrived. They obviously seemed to have enjoyed the experience judging from their positive comments when they left.”

Gill (stroke group organiser)

Gong – Long Term Conditions Suite at St Marys Hospital Portsmouth as part of an event for ME awareness week.

“I felt very relaxed, the gongs and harp made it easier to meditate as it gave me more to focus on, therefore I found my brain wandered less.  This is a very effective way of resting the mind and to stop constantly thinking about everything.”

“I felt more relaxed, but also more motivated to make positive changes to my lifestyle.  The gongs certainly have a profound impact on your mood and self-feeling.  I enjoyed being transported to a forest and engaging in natural wellness.”

“Really helped to achieve a meditative state.  Very relaxing and calming for the mind.  I feel the rest of the day will be much better for the experience”

“It helped my mind move to different zones.  The rain and nature sounds really helped me visualise a very relaxing space, felt very safe.  I will be looking to experience this again and recommend to friends and family as well.  Thank you so much for coming along today very much appreciated.”

“A lovely relaxing experience that has left me feeling refreshed and calm.”

“Amazing experience – colourful and visual.  Feel very relaxed (although tired too!) Definitely try again.”

“As they are not familiar sounds I felt they engaged more mindfulness, i.e. staying ‘with’ the current sound with no anticipation of what would come ‘next’ helping the process.”

“It was very pleasant and relaxing.  It felt really powerful but I had a lot on my mind today.  I think I’d like to try again sometime, and have a different experience.”