Harp circles


Harp playing for groups of eight people.  Suitable for children and adults.  Sessions will include games, familiar tunes and improvisaiton.

No previous musical experience needed!

An opportunity to explore how the image, the sound, even the presence of the harp evokes beauty, magic, stillness, and peace.

Perfect to relax and to destress from the daily grind and relax into the soothing sounds and vibrations you create on a rainbow coloured harp. We will improvise and play pieces together at whatever level suits you, this could be a single note, a chord or a melody. There is no wrong note, and we are all musical, making a harp circle a perfect way of self-healing and de-stressing while surrounding yourself with healing vibrations and energy from the circle.

A harp circle is a source of friendship, support, growth, music making and pure joy! The circle will play together, encouraging each other to achieve creative music making. Even if it’s just one note initially, you will be able to express yourself creatively on the harp.

The therapy harps can be played upright or on their sides making it easier to access them from wheelchairs or from the floor.

Please contact From the Harp to discuss your groups requirements.