Harp testimonials

Harp therapy

Nursing and care homes

“The clients liked to have a go with the musical instruments and the session made them really relaxed and chilled.  It was entertaining and the engagement with the clients was lovely to see.”

Tanya – activity Co-ordinator

“Yesterday Alice came to do a harp and musical instrument session with our residents and it was amazing to see. Residents that are usually very agitated and won’t sit still for more than a few minutes sat and watched and played with the harps for an hour and a half and looked so chilled. Residents that never come off their unit came and joined in and were laughing and interacting and playing the harps. A resident that does not like to socialise at all came and was smiling and playing the harp and stayed in the group the whole session. I can’t recommend this therapy enough! Thank you so much Alice it made my day.”

Lynne – nurse

“Alice regularly plays harp in our care home the response from the residents has been amazing we hope Alice keeps providing this unique service to our residents, she is fantastic and we really enjoy having her come to play to us.”

Julie – Activity Co-ordinator

“We have enjoyed an afternoon with Alice.  residents very warming to the sounds and brought out of shell, a side not seen before, bringing great joy and all were singing to the tunes played, thank you.

Katherine – Activity Co-ordinator


Community groups

“The harps have made me feel very relaxed and ‘centred’ – such beautiful sounds and also physically relaxing.”

Therapeutic harps group participant

“Great facilitating, varied and fun, everyone joined in with harps and percussion, supportive group, I feel lighter and more connected.”

Therapeutic harps group participant

“Thank you for an absolutely wonderful session, I thoroughly enjoyed having a go on a harp.  You have a lovely, calm and reassuring personality and demonstrate everything clearly.”

‘Happy harpist!’

“Thank you so much for your visit with your harps our members absolutely loved it, and there has been much talk about it.  Many of them were musical in the past and it brought back happy memories.”

Linda (organiser Hayling Island Blind Club).

“Really enjoyed learning to play the harp today.  I have mental and physical health problems.  Learning something of doing something new is absolutely amazing for my self esteem.  Learning / doing something give me a great sense of wellbeing”

Chat over chai group member

“Wonderful to be together in a group of people learning new skills, trying things out together and having fun.  A brilliant facilitator, thank you”

Heartspace group member

“This was a first for our dementia group and they loved it.  Alice was great with the group, and we even played two songs!”

Life and chimes (Pompey in the community) group organiser

“What a super session.  All explanations very clear and it was obvious that we all participated, both with laughter and more important for some focus”

M Bishop attendee at Life and Chimes


“Instantly reduced my stress level. Felt the same calmness after doing 10 minutes meditation.”

Harp workshop participant Rowans Hospice.

“Always wanted to play the harp and today Alice made it very easy and enjoyable.”

Harp workshop participant Rowans Hospice.

“I have really enjoyed learning how to play the harp. Alice explains things very well. I look forward to more lessons with Alice. Thank you.”

Harp workshop participant Rowans Hospice.

“Loved the freedom to make music. Loved it, always dreamed to play and now I have. Look forward to next time. Thank you.”

Harp workshop participant Rowans Hospice.

“A very unique experience, a chance to play a harp and hear the soothing music”

Community group member.

Harp taster sessions

“I feel more relaxed than I have done at any point since I was born.  Absolutely sublime”

“It was wonderful learning a new instrument.  The vibrations were beautiful, Thank you”

“Really enjoyable session.  The girls thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would recommend this to anyone, thank you”

“I thought this was a lovely experience.  It was nice to be able to try a new instrument and make more than ‘noise’ ”

“Having a harp leaning against my shoulder was relaxing as the vibes were healing.  Really enjoyed the chance to have a go”

“Absolutely loved this session, such  beautiful instrument with wonderful sounds!  I smiled all the way through the lesson, thank you so much”

“Lovely event and quite therapeutically soothing.  Really enjoyed hte session and nice to see small people and big people in attendance.  Well organised and welcoming environment, would love to do this again”

S Ginns, attendee at harp taster session