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Sound therapy is getting more and more popular and many people are writing about it or filming it.  You can read and view more below.  You can see a video with the Evening Standard article and watch Jack and Ozzy Osbourne experience a gong bath, or have a read of articles from a variety of newspapers and magazines, and even listen to Radio 4.

This Morning 16/9/19

Loved by everyone from Kendall Jenner to Meghan Markle, gong baths are said to help relieve stress, ease anxiety and leave you in a deep state of relaxation. But do they really work?  It’s time for Phillip and Holly to investigate!

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Relax with a legal bong in a gong bath on page 3 in The Times 28/8/19

Gongs on Radio 4 You and Yours programme listen from 25 minutes and 6 seconds. 15/4/19.

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Radio 4 You and Yours: Sound Baths

Gong bath meditation to combat work place stress BBC World News 2/4/19

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Sound and vision: how gongs are bringing inner peace to city dwellers 8/12/18 The Guardian.

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A video of a sound bath on the BBC, November 2018.

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Is a crystal sound bath the fix for all your stress and sleep issues? Metro 7/4/18

All you need to know about gong meditation and how it can help you

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All you need to know about gong meditation and how it can help in All About Her  (date unknown)

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Ringing the changes: why gong baths are the new yoga in the Telegraph 1/3/18

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How sound baths became the alternative way to soak away stress in The Irish Examiner 22/1/18

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Ringing the changes: why gong baths are coming to a gym near you The Guardian 15/1/18

Ozzy and Jack Osbourne visit tipi temple in For Gong Bath in Sedona AZ. 28/12/17

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Lo♥︎ing legal life: Why every stressed out lawyer needs a Gong Bath in The Lawyer 13/10/17

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I Found Myself… In A Sound Bath  Red Online 26/9/17

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Help I’ve got a headache from King Gong Daily Mail 21/5/17

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Why Londoners should try a gong bath Evening Standard 18/4/17

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The Zen New Craze Combingin Yoga, Mediation and Sound Baths The Independent 16/11/16

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FT Masterclass: Gong playing with Don Conreaux The globetrotting 82-year-old teaches how to master an ancient sound in the Financial Times 19/8/16

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I Took a “Sound Bath” and May Have Been Brainwashed But I’m going back again next week. Elle 24/6/15

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Why Every Stressed Out Person Should Try Gong Meditation in the New Year in Huffington Post UK 30/12/14