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Sound therapy is getting more and more popular and many people are writing about it or filming it and putting it on the radio too.  You can read, view and listen more below.  You can see a video with the Evening Standard article and watch Jack and Ozzy Osbourne experience a gong bath, or have a read of articles from a variety of newspapers and magazines, and even listen to Radio 4.

Sound Therapy on Good Morning Britain on 26/5/21

Gong Baths on Sunday on Radio 4 on 16/8/20. Listen here:

Good Vibration on Radio 4 on 10/3/20

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Listen on BBC Sounds.

This Morning 16/9/19

Loved by everyone from Kendall Jenner to Meghan Markle, gong baths are said to help relieve stress, ease anxiety and leave you in a deep state of relaxation. But do they really work?  It’s time for Phillip and Holly to investigate!

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Relax with a legal bong in a gong bath on page 3 in The Times 28/8/19

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How Sound Baths Ended Up Everywhere New York Times 3/8/19

Gongs on Radio 4 You and Yours programme listen from 25 minutes and 6 seconds. 15/4/19.

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Radio 4 You and Yours: Sound Baths

Gong bath meditation to combat work place stress BBC World News 2/4/19

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Sound and vision: how gongs are bringing inner peace to city dwellers 8/12/18 The Guardian.

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A video of a sound bath on the BBC, November 2018.

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Is a crystal sound bath the fix for all your stress and sleep issues? Metro 7/4/18

All you need to know about gong meditation and how it can help you

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All you need to know about gong meditation and how it can help in All About Her  (date unknown)

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Ringing the changes: why gong baths are the new yoga in the Telegraph 1/3/18

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How sound baths became the alternative way to soak away stress in The Irish Examiner 22/1/18

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Ringing the changes: why gong baths are coming to a gym near you The Guardian 15/1/18

Ozzy and Jack Osbourne visit tipi temple in For Gong Bath in Sedona AZ. 28/12/17

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Lo♥︎ing legal life: Why every stressed out lawyer needs a Gong Bath in The Lawyer 13/10/17

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I Found Myself… In A Sound Bath  Red Online 26/9/17

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Help I’ve got a headache from King Gong Daily Mail 21/5/17

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Why Londoners should try a gong bath Evening Standard 18/4/17

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The Zen New Craze Combingin Yoga, Mediation and Sound Baths The Independent 16/11/16

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FT Masterclass: Gong playing with Don Conreaux The globetrotting 82-year-old teaches how to master an ancient sound in the Financial Times 19/8/16

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I Took a “Sound Bath” and May Have Been Brainwashed But I’m going back again next week. Elle 24/6/15

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Why Every Stressed Out Person Should Try Gong Meditation in the New Year in Huffington Post UK 30/12/14