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If you want to find out more about harp therapy I have posted some articles and videos here.  This is a selection of people working with the therapeutic harp in health care settings around the world.

How Alison’s harp is helping patients heal

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The Canberra Times  17/5/19

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A video showing the use of therapeutic harp in a trauma department 26/11/18 Harpist sets healing tone for patients and staff at Peacehealth in Bellingham

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A video showing how the harp is used for therapeutic work 21/5/18 Good news: See the healing power of an Oneida woman’s harp therapy

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A video about using the harp for healing on 12/3/18 It give me hope: Oneida nurse’s harp therapy helps heal

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Video and article from Global New Toronto 21/3/18.  Using harp therapy to help people physically, emotionally and spiritually

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Northwestern Medical Centre’s (NMC) CEO Jill Berry Bowen talks with harpist Kathryn Kuba-Dandurand about the music she plays for patients and visitors at NMC. Kathryn has played her music at NMC for over 13 years and in this segment she explains the healing power of music.


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Your Neighbor: Bambi Niles brings therapeutic sounds of the harp to local patients Oneida Daily Dispatch News 17/11/17


Certified Clinical Musician Dr. Laurence Furr as he plays his harp for operating room surgeons, technicians and nurses at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth. He provides this service thanks to a grant from the JPS Foundation.

Music Care is live harp and vocal music offered in healthcare settings by Susan Carol, CCM (Certified Clinical Musician). This film features 3 leading medical professionals in Lynchburg, VA who speak about the benefits of live harp music in healthcare. Susan brings her harp to hospitals, care facilities, homes – wherever there is a need for comfort, peace & beauty. Music Care is a compassionate outreach ministry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lynchburg, VA.  5/5/17

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From music into silence; new documentary celebrates Peter Roberts’ courage and heart 15/3/17

Christine Middleton is a therapeutic harpist funded by the Epworth Medical Foundation to provide therapeutic harp services across four hospitals in the inner city of Melbourne. 2/4/17

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Harp therapy helping those bereaved by suicide in Palmerston North 12/11/15

Commonly Asked Questions about Harp Therapy

Helen Punch in Australia plying her harp at the St john of God Hospital in Bunbury for those who are facing the end of their lives.  Her playing provides comfort and distraction for those who need it the most. 18/8/16.