Random acts of the gong

Random acts of gonging are like random acts of kindness, but there’s a gong or two involved.  It’s fabulous to be able to share the gongs with people as often their only encounter of the gong is from the J Arthur Rank movies

May 2019

We held a gong bath at the Long Term Conditions Suite at St Marys Hospital Portsmouth as part of an event for ME awareness week.  It was really well attended by patients and health professionals.  See our Gong testimonials from this event.

From the patients:

“Already 2 patients have said it is something that they want to bring more of into their lives – one has already added gong meditations to her relaxation techniques and another said she would definitely come again and is recommending it to her family. The same person reported that she slept deeply for 1.5 hours after the session and then for 12 hours later that night. She woke the following day feeling more positive.”

From the health professionals:

“I really am very grateful to you both for giving your time up for us. I can’t explain enough how much we appreciate it and I feel very privileged that you offered this to our patients. People with ME/CFS get a hard time as it is so poorly understood, with few treatment options available so I love that they could try something new.”

Christmas Day 2018

It was the turn of the Feng gong to spend Christmas morning at Home Coffee this year.  Stephen Morgan was back for another strike of the gong, and great to see another Christmas jumper.

On New Year’s Day 2018 we gonged in the New Year out in nature as the sun set on Southsea Common.  We struck the symphonic gong 18 times and invited the hardy crowd that had gathered in the bitter wind to reflect on the year passed and set their intention for the year ahead.  We raised £55 for the Breast Cancer Haven Titchfield

On Christmas Day 2017 the chiron gong had an outing to Home Coffee.  Home Coffee on Albert Road in Southsea was open for people that were lonely or on their own. Free coffee and snacks were provided.

Stephen Morgan MP amongst many others struck the gong outside Home Coffee on Christmas Day.  Stephen is patron of Good Company the charity set up by Home Coffee to tackle loneliness.