Group care sessions

Musical group sessions for care homes, nursing homes, day services, hospice and hospitals.  Alice has done hundreds of these sessions, working in care homes, learning disability day services, hospital, hospice and community groups with a range of clients, people living with dementia, visual impairment, brain injury, stroke, autism, and learning disabilities.  Alice is a registered occupational therapist and certified therapeutic music practitioner, find out more about her training here.

Group members can play along on a harp, sing, tap, sway, play percussion or just watch, while Alice plays the harp.  Alice adapts her approach to enable everyone to engage in their own way.

These sessions can also be taken to the bedside or chair side for people who are unable to get out of bed and for those who don’t feel comfortable engaging in groups.  A chair or bedside session should be long enough to allow the client enough time to relax and feel the benefits of their personalised harp playing (at least 20 minutes is recommended).   Individual sessions can include playing duets together with improvisation and familiar tunes.  This can be done on one harp held over the bed or chair or with two harps if the client is able to support the harp or play it on a table top.