Teach yourself

Having a face-to-face teacher is the best way to learn the harp as your teacher can easily see your hand and arm position and posture and help you start off with correct technique which will ensure you get the best sound from your harp and enable you to move forward with more difficult and faster pieces.

However there are many Skype and FaceTime teachers around the world for you to choose from and also a range of resources available online.  I have listed some below that have been recommended from members of the global harp community and some of my favourites.  However your own internet search will find many harp teachers locally and around the world.

Find the style that is going to work best for you and somebody who you connect with either in person or online.  Most of these sites offer some free content so you can try various teachers before you invest in lessons with one.


Online Academy of Irish Music

Online courses and a free lesson and a 7 day free trial to see if it’s for you.

Ray Pool’s Youtube Channel

Free basics videos and tunes on his Youtube Channel.

Star Edwards First Lessons Folk Harp

Free basics lesson on Youtube.

You Can Play the Harp – a First Lesson with Chris Caswell

Four free beginners lessons on Youtube.

My internet favourites

Carolin Nobles harp lessons how to play the harp.

Beginners lessons on the basics with a focus on playing intuitively.

Diana Rowan Youtube Channel

For information on motivation, improvisation and being free with your harp.

Mary Doumany Education for Harpists improvising and composing.

Lessons on how to improvise on your harp.

Harps North West

JaNEWary Challenge with teaching videos.

Zuzanna Olbrys

Lots of great beginners harp lessons

Tiffany Schaefer

Youtube channel featuring lessons and tips

Music Discoveries and Anne Crosby Gaudet’s Youtube channel

Sheet music, blog and tutorials

Hip Harp Academy

Jazz and improv lessons and resources with Deborah Henson – Conant

Learning the harp with Christy-Lyn

Youtube channel with lots of lessons suitable for starting out with a harp

Ailie Robertson online harp school

New for lockdown great Celtic tunes from Scotland.  And beginners harp school too.

Rachel Hair Harp at Home

Another newbie for lockdown, more fabulous Celtic tunes.