Team Gong

The Chau Gong

Chau Gong hand made in Wuhan, China.   The bronze is an alloy of 77% copper and 23% tin and is virgin material.  This gong gives a distinct sound and produces rich overtones, it has a wide range of volume, and is considered very grounding.  The gong is slightly convex with a slight rim, the centre spot and rim are left coated on both sides with the black copper oxide that forms during the manufacture of the gong, the rest of the gong is polished to remove this coating.


The Symphonic Gong

The Symphonic Gong has a slightly raised surface with a harmonic and universal sound structure. The fundamental note of the gong is balanced with the instrument’s complex overtones. It has many harmonic sounds in its sound sphere.  Several sounds come from the Symphonic gong with a range of mallets used at various striking points.


Feng Gong

Traditionally, Feng (wind) Gongs are played with a large soft mallet and possess that authentic and true gong sound typified by brilliant shimmer and can be used to help focus meditation and in spiritual ceremonies. Wind Gongs are flat and lathed both sides, with a high pitched, heavy tuned overtone and long sustain.



The Chiron gong resonates at the approximate musical note of D#. Chiron represents the wounded healer – a bridge between the material and spiritual. In ancient times Chiron was a centaur and a god of healing, and in later mythology he was a teacher of heroes and an oracle. In modern astrology, Chiron stands for the deep karmic wounds that span many generations, and it is these that this planet gong works on. Chiron teaches us to fulfil our ultimate potential by moving forward with strength, compassion and wisdom to achieve our true destiny.

chiron 1.JPG

Paiste Sound Creation Gongs (SCG)

Sound Creation Gong (SCG) No 1 Sun has a warm radiating sound colour. The sun’s sound is warm and enveloping. When you hear the sun you feel warmth in your body.


Sound Creation Gong (SCG) No 2 Fire. Sound sensation can be warm and soothing or threatening and destructive. Both are gorgeous when played with precision and intention.


Sound Creation Gong (SCG) No 3 Earth. Peaceful and wide lows, foaming and swelling highs. Can be mysterious and unfathomable giving the sense of space and confidence.


Sound Creation Gong (SCG) 4 Water. Increases fluidity in the body, can be still or flowing, a trickle or a torrent.


Sound Creation Gong (SCG) No 5 Peace. Balancing, harmonising, soothing and supporting, what’s not to like?


Sound Creation Gong (SCG) No 6 Moon. Deep silver tones, slowly, sinking and fading.


Sound Creation Gong (SCG) No 7 Conflict. Towering and hissing, thundering and challenging, it all balances out when played with SCG No 5 Peace.


Sound Creation Gong (SCG) No 8, 9, and 10. The chakra gongs bright, medium dark, head, chest, stomach. A joyous combination that resonates within.


The Gong Mallets

The mallets! A variety of mallets bring out a range of tones and harmonics from the gongs, you can never have too many mallets!