Team Harp

Sweet Maple

Fullsicle, 26 strings, full set of levers

Colour attributes: Unification, calm, simplicity, ethereal, spiritual, comfort, reliability, outdoors, pleasantness, quiet, endurance.

Favourite song: Amazing Grace – Andre Rieu version

Hobbies: Baking cakes, playing sweet sounding songs – how sweet the sound.

Sweet Maple was first in the tribe and the only harp of her kind to possess all her levers.  For this reason she doesn’t suffer fools gladly and feels that she could run the show on her own, all though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.  She enjoys all sweet smelling flowers and can often be found on the Common or in Southsea Rose Garden smelling the roses. She enjoys baking, and will put on a fantastic cream tea spread in the summer months.  In the winter it’s often bread and butter pudding with maple syrup.

Photographed at Emanuel Emanuel Memorial Drinking Fountain, Canoe Lake, Southsea.


Black Out

Harpsicle, 26 strings, no levers

Colour attributes: Is black really a colour at all?  It reflects the light, and does not absorb it…..

Favorite song: Any Scandi Noir theme tune

Hobbies: Getting lost in a movie or a play, mindfulness, hiking

Black Out just cannot help but zone out, his concentration is poor and he’s always thinking about things gone by.  He’s forgetful and unreliable, but it’s his age, he’s vintage, reclaimed and it’s impossible to know what happened to him before he found From the Harp.  Black Out loves a box set especially the Scandi ones, he’s a binge watcher and hates having to go out for a gig when he’s in the midst of a series. Black Out got a clean bill of health at his check up at Pilgrim Harps in 2018.

Photographed on Jubilee Statue, Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth


Mellow Yellow

Harpsicle, 26 strings, no levers

Colour attributes: Joy, happiness, optimism, imagination, hope, sunshine, summer, energy, warmth, vibrant, expansive, flamboyant, enthusiasm, energy, balance, uplifting.

Favourite song: Mellow Yellow – Donovan

Hobbies: Chilling out in a cafe with a coffee, buying saffron in Akrams AKA Southsea Spice Cave.  

Mellow Yellow has quit sugar so hangs out a lot in Southsea Coffee and indulges in sugar free cake whenever he’s not having his saffron.  Mellow Yellow enjoys a bit of yoga and mindfulness, he would like to take a holiday on an ashram in India but so far has settled for being on the beach in Southsea.  Mellow Yellow lives in the moment and believes all we have is now.

Photographed on The Pioneer Statue Hotwalls, Old Portsmouth.



Sharpsicle, 26 strings, levers on C and F

Colour attributes: the world’s favourite colour, trustworthy, peaceful, tranquil, calm, security, harmony, truth, confidence, conservatism, security, loyalty, cleanliness, unity, truth.

Favourite song: Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

Hobbies: Watching videos on Youtube

Bluetube is addicted to watching and making Youtube videos.  Although the only thing that can tear him away from scrolling for new videos is Greensleeves.  Youtube is in a relationship with Greensleeves, although they try to keep this secret as Big Black has warned them that blue and green should never be seen.  Bluetube likes nothing more than watching videos of himself on the From the Harp Youtube channel, or others in his Rainbow tribe if he’s not in the video. He’s also well connected in the virtual harp world and knows who to watch and who to avoid.  

Photographed on Elvis, Albert Road, Southsea.



Sharpsicle, 26 strings, C and F levers

Colour attributes: positive, healthy eco-conscious, nature, environment, healthy, good luck, renewal, spring, fertility

Favourite song: It’s not Easy Being Green – Kermit

Hobbies: Recycling, reusing and reducing rubbish, litter picking on the beach

Greensleeves is tired of the waste she sees around her all the time, she is doing her bit and is compelled to clean up after others when she sees them leaving waste.  She spends her time devising ways to reuse items others might view as rubbish, she has devised several ways to reuse her snapped harp strings. Such as beach pebble or shell mobiles, she is crafty too. Greensleeves is in a relationship with Bluetube, although her constant desire to watch environmental videos on Youtube, and to take Bluetube on litter picks on the beach is coming between them.  Greensleeves is helpless to seek advice from Big Black as she forbade the relationship as blue and green should never be seen.

Photographed on The Mudlarks statue, The Hard, Portsmouth.


Orange Boing

Harpsicle, 26 strings, no levers

Colour attributes: energy, balance, warmth, vibrant, enthusiasm, expansive, invigorating, fascination, happiness, success, joy, sunshine, the tropics

Favourite song: Orange Crush – R.E.M.

Hobbies: bounding around on his space hopper, cycling, horse riding

Orange Boing, is resilient and will always bounce back.  He’s recently had a knock back from Sweet Maple who believes she is sweetness and light and Orange Boing is on the rebound.  Orange Boing can handle this and looks forward by keeping on bouncing on. He’s thinking about dating again, but is yet to find a suitable online platform, but he’s hoping to meet more harps at Harp on Wight, the Isle of Wight harp festival.

Photographed in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.


Purple Patch

Sharpsicle, 26 strings, C and F levers

Colour attributes: spiritual, regal, powerful, wealth, state of flux, creativity, change, nobility, royalty, spirituality, enlightenment, ceremony, wisdom, mystery

Favourite song: Purple Rain – Prince

Hobbies: Pole dancing, swimming, sudoku

Purple Patch is optimistic and believes her run of success and good fortune will last forever.  She enjoys being part of the Rainbow tribe and looks out for them all. She saves her positive vibes for all that play her.  In her spare hime she keeps fit by swimming and pole dancing, she always practices her dancing when she find herself on the tube in London as the poles are so readily available.

Photographed at Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.


Rowdy Red

Harpsicle, 26 strings, no levers

Colour attributes: vibrant, stimulating, powerful, excitement, desire, love strength, strong passionate, warming and invigorating, energy, desire, speed, strength, power, heat, intense.

Favourite song: Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley

Hobbies: Being obstreperous, running, making things and spending time at the Repair Cafe.

Rowdy Red loves an argument and is always picking fights with his rainbow tribe.  He likes to have the last say or note and loves it when he gets to play punchy tunes and he gets the big finish.  He is very practical and like to make things to assist the team with their work, he also likes to go to the repair cafe and either mend himself or something else.

Photographed on Pirate, Naval Dockyard, Portsmouth


Big Black

Heartland, 38 strings, full set of levers

Colour attributes: Is black really a colour at all?  It reflects the light, and does not absorb it…..

Favorite song: Back to Black – Amy Winehouse

Hobbies: Bird watching, paddle boarding

Big Black is a single mum, she has had a tough time bringing up the Rainbow tribe, and she has struggled to set a good example in rhythm, tempo, pitch and dynamics to the little ones.  However now they are grown up she is proud of their ability to be inclusive and welcome everyone as they would like to be welcomed themselves.  Big Black likes the way she can perform on her own and relishes her party trick that she is carbon fiber and can be picked up by one finger.

Photographed on Charles Dickens Statue, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth


Sapphire – harp for hire

Harpsicle, 26 strings, no levers

Sapphire attributes: the “wisdom stone”, releases mental tension, depression, unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion, restores balance within the body, aligning the physical, mental and spiritual planes, bringing serenity and peace of mind.

Favourite song: Diamonds are forever – Shirley Bassey

Hobbies: Yo-yoing, knitting, photography

Sapphire completes the trio of the Little Gems. She is on the lookout for a Diamond, she is ready to settle down and bring some baby jems to the From the Harp family. So far she hasn’t found this diamond in Portsmouth but is keen to go on the Ireland trip to look for her stone in shining armour there. She wants to go in a camper van so she has maximum opportunities for knitting and photography on the road.

Photographed at Southsea Rock Garden.


Blossom Pink

Harpsicle, 26 strings, levers on C and F

Colour attributes: love, romance, excitement, caring, compassion, considerate, hope, warm, innocence, tenderness, nurturing, calming, sweetness

Favorite song: Pretty in Pink – The Psychedelic Furs

Hobbies: Shopping, painting, roller blading.

Blossom pink is the princess of the tribe, she loves to look at herself in the mirror and make sure she is presentable and all her levers are polished before going out. She knows she is in demand, Blossom Pink is the most requested harp, she always reminds the others of this. She likes to spend her time rollerblading up the seafront while looking out for things to paint.

Photographed with Dalek at Portsmouth University


Emerald – harp for hire

Harpsicle, 26 strings, no levers

Emerald attributes: loyalty, domestic bliss, unconditional love, unity, promotes friendship. Emerald stimulates the heart chakra, having a healing effect on the emotions as well as the physical heart.

Favourite song: Emerald Eyes Fleetwood Mac

Hobbies: Going to the theatre, gardening, sketching

Emerald is a Little Gem and is keen to visit the Emerald Isle, her heart is in Ireland. She would like to go on tour with the other Little Gems but they cannot agree how to get there – should they fly or take the ferry? And so far they haven’t managed to persuade any of the rest of the tribe to be roadies for them. Emerald loves to visit the Kings Theatre in Southsea especially when the Fureys are in town. Emerald would like nothing more than to steal away with Eddie or George Furey.

Photographed at Portsmouth Uni

green with dummies


Amethyst – harp for hire

Harpsicle, 26 strings, no levers

Amethyst attributes: Amethyst is powerful and protective. It calms and stimulates the mind, helping you become more focused, enhancing memory and improving motivation. Amethyst assists in remembering and understanding dreams. Encourages selflessness and spiritual wisdom.

Favourite song: Purple Haze – The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Hobbies: Origami, table tennis, food and cooking

Another Little Gem, Amethyst is the chef and keeps the tribe well fed. Her love of origami means she loves to fold, and enjoys working with filo pastry and making delicious pastry snacks for everybody. She is keen to hit the road to Ireland and chef it up on the way taking in some colcannon and Guinness.

Photographed at Bikers hang out with Doris (Doris joined FtH, but she really couldn’t stand up for herself so she was politely asked to move on, and has a new career in ladies fashions).



Blevins Bouree, 28 strings, full set of levers

Colour attributes: It’s rich hue and red shade are interpreted as signifying sophistication. Burgundy can be viewed as a color indicating power. The combination of it’s psychological seriousness and powerful energy give it a sense of high ambition.

Favourite song: Seattle – Perry ComoHobbies: Foraging, chess, archery, whale watching

Ellie has travelled from Seattle, and was given her name by her previous owner. The deal was done for her to come and join From the Harp the day Storm Eleanor hit From the Harp HQ, so her name is apt and sticks. She is an experienced therapy harp and her career has involved playing in hospital, hospice and a cancer retreat centre. She had a long journey from Seattle and was escorted by Christina Tourin from the International Harp Therapy Programme to join the From the Harp tribe. She has been a solitary harp and is enjoying the company and banter at From the Harp although at times she finds the accent hard to understand.

Photographed at Portsmouth Uni

DSC_0022 (2)


Robinsons Leprechaun Junior, 28 strings, no levers..

Oak qualities: Oak wood is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. It is an attractive light colour with a prominent grain and is resistant to fungal attack, thanks to its dense constitution and long-living nature, which must equip the tree for its long lifetime

Favourite song: Portsmouth – Mike Oldfield arrangement.

Hobbies: beat boxing, magic, sand castles

Victor is Pompey through and through, made in Portsmouth. Victor was gifted to From the Harp by Doreen Fay, her late husband Victor made this harp from a kit from Robinsons Harps in California. Victor arrived stringless, and now enjoys having his harp strings pulled. Although he is getting on and a bit of a hypochondriac he fears a harp attack. He enjoys making sand castles when the tide is out.

Photographed at: Victorious festival sign, Southsea Common.

vic and scaffold



Handmade harp from a plan in a 1970s woodworking magazine. 32 strings, blades (the predecessors of levers) on all strings.

Oak qualities: Oak wood is exceedingly strong, heavy and durable. It is an attractive light colour with a prominent grain and is resistant to fungal attack, thanks to its dense constitution and long-living nature, which must equip the tree for its long lifetime.

Favourite song: O(a)klahoma Rogers and Hammerstein

Hobbies: Frank likes to sit back with a ginger beer and watch an old black and white movie. He enjoys hanging out with Victor, they like to chat about how they came into the world, handcrafted by wood working folkl. Frank was made in Winchester from a plan in the 1970s, he was lovingly played by the makers daughter for many years, but as an adult she donated the harp to From the Harp. Frank is named after his maker. He enjoys his oak style in a world surrounded by rainbow coloured harpsicle harps.

Photographed in the workshop on his new stand made by many thanks for increasing Frank’s stature.


The Love Harps

The new kids on the block, no sharp edges, lightweight and can be played any way up!