Harp therapy

The clients liked to have a go with the musical instruments and the session made them really relaxed and chilled.  It was entertaining and the engagement with the clients was lovely to see.

Tanya – activity Co-ordinator

Yesterday Alice came to do a harp and musical instrument session with our residents and it was amazing to see. Residents that are usually very agitated and won’t sit still for more than a few minutes sat and watched and played with the harps for an hour and a half and looked so chilled. Residents that never come off their unit came and joined in and were laughing and interacting and playing the harps. A resident that does not like to socialise at all came and was smiling and playing the harp and stayed in the group the whole session. I can’t recommend this therapy enough! Thank you so much Alice it made my day.

Lynne – nurse

Alice regularly plays harp in our care home the response from the residents has been amazing we hope Alice keeps providing this unique service to our residents, she is fantastic and we really enjoy having her come to play to us.

Julie – Activity Co-ordinator

The harps have made me feel very relaxed and ‘centred’ – such beautiful sounds and also physically relaxing.

Therapeutic harps group participant

Great facilitating, varied and fun, everyone joined in with harps and percussion, supportive group, I feel lighter and more connected.

Therapeutic harps group participant

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful session, I thoroughly enjoyed having a go on a harp.  You have a lovely, calm and reassuring personality and demonstrate everything clearly.

‘Happy harpist!’

Wonderful to be together in a group of people learning new skills, trying things out together and having fun.

Harp group member

Thank you so much for your visit with your harps our members absolutely loved it, and there has been much talk about it.  Many of them were musical in the past and it brought back happy memories.  Linda (organiser Hayling Island Blind Club).

Gong Baths

Very relaxing and calming.  My head feels clearer and lighter.  Alice is a very reassuring supportive facilitator.  Louisa

I came to this expecting to be interested but not more.  However, it was so deeply relaxing and gave me a sense of calm that I was not expecting.  Bethan

I had no idea what to expect and thought, “why not?”  It was like having the best kind of nap.  The sounds felt like a story you were being told, gently and invisibly.  A lovely experience.  Keith

I found it really relaxing.  Loved the sounds, saw colours.  I think I fell asleep but I’m not sure, I definitely felt floating.  Irene

I felt like being immersed in cinematic soundscape created just for you.  Quite a dream like state.  Somehow feel more relaxed, less tension more open after though not sure why!  Emma

I think the use of instruments and the sounds they made was excellent as I found it hard to associate the sound created with the instrument.  Alex

Feeling of calm, relaxation and switching off….. using the sounds to escape from wandering thoughts and every day worries.  Bringing feelings of reminiscing, walking in mountains, being on a beach being in favourite places.  Feelings of flying, “letting go” and the sounds evoked memories.  Fiona

Many thanks for coming yesterday and all the hard work you did to bring all your instruments with you. I really appreciate the effort that takes. The sheer quantity and variety surprised some members when they arrived. They obviously seemed to have enjoyed the experience judging from their positive comments when they left. Gill (stroke group organiser)

Harp and percussion circles

I felt at peace and centred within myself but relaxed.  The harp is entrancing, the experience was valuable and making music very healing.  Susan

I found it great but above all very relaxing. J M Smith

Harp therapy talk and demonstration

Thank you for giving us such a lovely insight to the work you do.  We found it inspirational, educational and also entertaining.  You hit just the right note!

Carrie – group activity organiser.