A soundscape is using sound as a therapeutic creative art form.  Music can help identification of a feeling, or help to express a feeling that cannot be expressed through words.

A soundscape session allows individuals to express themselves or a piece of artwork or a poem or tell a story by using instruments of their choice and playing them how they choose to.

A soundscape session is dynamic and interactive, no two sessions will be the same!  They encourage communication and collaboration and artistic expression.

A range of instruments are available for these sessions including harps, Himalayan bowls, shruti box, drums, rainsticks, a hand held gong and percussion.

Soundscapes are beneficial to express yourself non-verbally, develop self esteem, self confidence, and team work.  They are also useful to develop skills in turn taking, impulse control, communication, sequencing, gross and fine motor skills.

For small to medium groups, Contact us for more information.